EXCEPTIONAL COMFORTABLE CASTLE TRANSITION... - Lot 246 - Hôtel des Ventes de Chantilly Oise enchères

Lot 246
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EXCEPTIONAL COMFORTABLE CASTLE TRANSITION... - Lot 246 - Hôtel des Ventes de Chantilly Oise enchères
Inlaid with native veneers with flower motifs, music attributes and urns.
With central overhanging front, opening with two rows of drawers without crossbars. With rounded front jambs and projecting rear jambs. Standing on four curved legs.
Grey St Anne marble top. Ring pull handles, falling trim and wrap-around shoes in chased gilt bronze.
High quality Parisian work bearing the stamp of Jacques Bircklé (1734-1803) cabinetmaker received Master in 1764.
18th century period.
H : 84 x W : 125 x D : 58 cm
Restoration of use and maintenance.

Jacques Bircklé (1734-1803) Cabinetmaker, received Master in 1764. One of the suppliers of the Garde-meuble under Louis XVI.
He practiced his profession on rue de Charenton and then rue Saint-Nicolas.
He supplied Madame Elizabeth in Montreuil, the Duke of Orleans, the Princess of Lamballe and then Marie-Antoinette for the Château de Saint-Cloud between 1785 and 1789.

With regard to his production, dense, varied, of fine quality, easily adapted to the evolution of styles, Bircklé presents himself as a conscientious cabinetmaker, who does not seek luxury and preciousness but rather decorative effect. Bircklé excels in this respect thanks to his talent as a marker.

In the majority of his furniture, practically devoid of bronzes, marquetry predominates, in bright and contrasting tones, drawn with simplicity, without superfluous details. Made of light stained wood, they stand out most often against a dark veneer background. Their effect is further enhanced by chosen themes such as flower vases, urns, draperies, ribbons, music trophies, various attributes and even landscapes of scenes in the ancient style, framed with Greek-style nets."
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