TABLE "THE TRIUMPHY OF LOVE" FOLLOW-UP OF... - Lot 588 - Paris Oise Enchères

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TABLE "THE TRIUMPHY OF LOVE" FOLLOW-UP OF... - Lot 588 - Paris Oise Enchères
TABLE "THE TRIUMPHY OF LOVE" FOLLOW-UP OF Maerten VAN HEEMSKERCK XVIIth Oil on canvas. Ancient restorations of use and maintenance. 17th century period H : 93 x W : 162 cm Expert: Cabinet TURQUIN The composition takes up, in the same vein, an engraving by Philips Galle made around 1565 after van Heemskerck and entitled EFFUSI RAPIUNT PHARE TRATE CUPIDO JUGALES/ TE DOMINUM, IDALIAE MATRIS DELUBRA PETENTEM//DUM FURIS, ET DIVIS ALTRIN SECUS ORE PROCACE/INGRUIS, AC FUNDIS TE MULENTO SPICULA CORNU (Cf. The illustrated Bartsch, vol. 56: Netherlandish Artists, Philips Galle, New York, 1987, p. 297 and Manfred Sellink: The New Hollestein dutch & flemish etchings, engravings and woodcuts, 1450-1700: Philips Galle, part II, Rotterdam, 2001, pp. 242 and 245). Preserved in the Prints and Drawings Department of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, it is the first of a series of six that illustrates "The Six Triumphs of Petrarch". Here it is Love triumphing as it bandages his bow, his chariot surrounded by heroes who have all fallen under his spell. Three of the four at the head of the procession are identified in the engraving: Tibulus, a Christian martyr, holds a scroll, the poet Ovid carries a book and, behind him, the Roman emperor Marcellus looks on. Jupiter and Hercules are easily recognizable by their attributes, the eagle and the column, while the crowned king is Solomon. Mention of the engraving also identifies the legendary lovers Pyramus and Thisbe, each carrying a spear behind the horses.
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