Online sale Works of Art & Jewelry - Paintings & Asian Art & Sculptures

vendredi 13 mai 2022 17:00 00000
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Closing on Friday, May 13, 5 pm.

Many specialties in this spring sale !

GOLDEN JEWELRY, PEARLS, FANTAISE JEWELRY, SWAROWSKI (pendants, medals, rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks...)

WATCHES, including SWATCH, BULOVA, SPALIVIERI, AKTEO, YEMA and a beautiful silver OMEGA.

Elegance is found in the bottles of PARFUMS and CHRISTOFLE cutlery, but also with this 404, a PEDAL CAR. In the TOYS department, there are MARKLIN and HORNBY trains, model ships and wooden pieces full of poetry.

A library to fill with DE MUSSET, LA FONTAINE, DORÉ, LE MAOULT, MESNARD, COLETTE, DUBOUT, BÉCASSINE albums, art books, travel stories, science and technology books...

For your albums, POST CARDS (Paris, La Rochelle, Normandy, Loire etc)

In the papers again, serigraphs of VASARELY, the portfolio of DECARIS on Paris and Nice, The kings of laughter, 6 LITHOGRAPHS (ARMAN , BEN, CESAR, FARHI, SOSNO and TOBIASSE).

In paintings, furniture and art objects : chandeliers, mantelpieces, ceramics by CIBOURE, Max CLAUDET, De MARCILLAC, a pair of engravings after RAPHAEL, Joseph BERTHOZ, A CAIN, Léon JOUBERT, an oil on copper, three still lifes by BRUNEL NEUVILLE, Alexandre ROBERT, HULLIER, a hunting of Eugène PECHAUBES, P Le TRIDIVIC, FOGEL, BOUSSEIN, CHAMERLAT, Gustave MASCART, Albert REISS, CALVI, KRIVOUTZ, Jacques L'HUILLIER, a poster of COMBAS, a serigraphy of ARMAN and works of CLAMA...

But also, Asian ceramics, a Chinese carpet and some lots coming from further away...

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