dimanche 28 avril 2024 14:00
Paris Oise Enchères , 4, avenue de Bourbon 60500 Chantilly
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Public exhibitions: Thursday April 25, Friday April 26, 10am-12pm / 2pm-6pm

Sunday April 28, 10am-12pm


A superb selection of musical instruments, violins (BERNARDEL Léon, BERTUCCI Fausto Mario, BEUSCHER Paul, CERUTI Giovanni Baptista, CUNAULT Georges, DEGANI Giulio, JANUARIS Giuliano, DELANOY Alexandre, HEL Pierre, LUPOT Nicolas, MANGENOT Amati, SCARAMPELLA Giuseppe, SCARAMPELLA Stefano), guitars (EPIPHONE, FENDER, FERNANDES, GIBSON).

Silverware including a large PUIFORCAT silver menagère with 204 place settings!

Added to this sale is a rare collection of bronzes with numerous signatures (BANQ Maguy, BARRIAS Louis Ernest, B֤ÉGUINE Michel Léonard, DELABRIÈRE Édouard, DUBOIS Paul, FALGUIERE Alexandre, FERRAND Ernest Justin, GUIRAUD RIVIERE Maurice, HAGUENAUER Karl, LAPORTE Émile, MÊNE Pierre-Jules, MOIGNIEZ Jules, MOREAU Hippolyte, VALTON Charles). On reste dans le bronze will be on sale, an exceptional and very important late 19th-century bronze chandelier from the Casino La Baule.

On Sunday April 28, we'll be taking a trip to Asia with an important Indochinese PAGODE showcase in exotic wood, and a salon in the same style comprising a sofa and two armchairs.

We continue with an anthology of heterogeneous paintings signed (Adrien de BOUCHERVILLE, BERGEN Claus, CAPDEVIELLE Lucienne, COROT Baptiste, DUFY Raoul, FEDELI IL MAGGIOTTO Domenico, FLAMENG François, GONTCHAROVA Natalia, GUYOT Jacques Henri, LHOTE André, KOHARI Masood, LAFOND Émile René, LEBOURG Alfred, MATHIEU Georges, MARVAL Jacqueline, PESKÉ Jean, TERECHKOVITCH Constantin, TROUILLEBERT Paul Désiré, ZHANG Hua...).


Certain lots are presented by designation. These can be collected from the indicated location after the sale.

Please contact us to collect your purchases.

Storage charges will be applied from 15 days after the sale, in accordance with the sales conditions (cf III. 4).

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