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MAGNIFICENT AND RESPLENDENT CARP by François-Xavier LALANNE (1927-2008) Gold leaf resin. Signed, monogrammed and numbered 145/250. Artcurial Edition 30 x 56 cm Bibliography: Robert Rosenblum, Les Lalanne, Paris, 1991, p.45. Adrian Dannatt, François-Xavier & Claude Lalanne, New York, 2018, p.152. Daniel Abadie, Lalanne(s), Paris, Éditions Flammarion, 2008, p.342. Daniel Marchesseau, Les Lalanne, Paris, Éditions Flammarion, 1998, p.6. François-Xavier Lalanne, born in Agen (Lot-et-Garonne) on 28 August 1927, and died in Ury (Seine-et-Marne) on 7 December 2008, is a French sculptor and engraver. In 1949, François-Xavier Lalanne studied drawing, sculpture and painting in Paris, where he worked with Constantin Brancusi, René Magritte and Salvador Dalí, among others. In 1952, he held his first personal painting exhibition in Paris. In the 1950s, he decorated the new Parisian boutique in Dior avenue Montaigne, with the young assistant Yves Saint-Laurent. In 1956, he decided to work with Claude (1925-2019), who was to become his wife, and with whom he signed the Jardin des Halles in Paris. He is first known for his sculptures of domestic and wild animals, which he presents in a utilitarian conception of sculpture (rhino-secretary; can of sardines-sofa...). The Lalannes share the feeling that a work of art can have a function. Their entire career is strained by the desire to give back to sculpture, which has been too long sacralized, a familiar dimension, a possible use. We look at it but we also touch it, we open it, we sit on it, we lie down on it, we eat on it, we wear it around our necks. Nature, and more particularly the animal world, offers them an infinity of forms recognizable by all. Sheep, monkeys, rhinoceroses, donkeys, camels, toads, hippopotamuses, etc. constitute a repertoire that the Lalanne family subjects to the constraints of decorative art. Animals are also the central subject of his engraved work, such as the Bestiaire ordinaire (Ordinary Bestiary), a collection of plates prefaced by Patrick Mauriès. A retrospective was devoted to them in 2010 at the Arts Décoratifs in Paris.
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